Infant / Toddler

Infant and toddler caregivers recognize the importance of cognitive development at this early stage of development. Warm, affectionate caregivers will provide a nurturing experience for your infant through holding, rocking, feeding, and interacting. All Jack ‘n Jill Childcare Centers are designated Breastfeeding Friendly in the promotion of healthy babies and mothers. Our program consists of the introduction of classical music, sign language, baby massage, independent exploration, motor development, and early speech recognition. Our caregivers will give your infant daily floor time to promote neck strength to young infants, leg strength for pre-crawlers, and beginning walkers.

Our toddler program consists of learning basic self-help skills. Our toddler environments are equipped with many interest areas to promote exploration. Children will discover the joys of language and social interaction. Your child will benefit from early art exploration, hands on music, continued sign language, indoor and outdoor play, and the love of books will begin to develop.


The wonderful world of two year old children is an ever-changing, fun filled place where children can begin to follow simple direction, recognize their own independence, and discover the world around them at a different level. As self-help skills continue to grow, caregivers will encourage family style meal times, beginning toilet learning, and practice good hygiene habits. All of our two year old classrooms are equipped with child sized toilets and sinks to foster this new found independence and to encourage a positive approach to learning.

Our two year children delight in their new found independence. Our program emphasizes the importance of developing socialization skills through building friendships, promoting a positive play environment, and sharing. These skills are developed with the use of songs, finger plays, art exploration, outdoor play, and ongoing vocabulary mastery. We also work closely with the children to begin to recognize their own feelings and those of the others around them through group and individualized play.

Pre School

At Jack 'n Jill we follow the New York State Common Core for Preschool Learning Curriculum. We work simultaneously with local kindergarten teachers to ensure that our children are well prepared as they enter school. Our teachers will prepare children by developing the following skills: emotional learning, self- help skills, following directions, learning through play, the love of books, kindness, early science, and pre-math. Our curriculum promotes these skills by allowing children to learn independently and at their own pace. Jack 'n Jill understands the importance of early intervention programs for children in need and will support and direct parents if any delays are evident within the classroom.

Jack 'n Jill offers many program enhancements to our children. We have developed and follow “the readers theater”, “up and out...the outdoor classroom”,  “Eat well, play hard ” as part of the childhood obesity initiative, “Karate” class, “Tiny Talents dance class”, “Creative Kids Yoga” and celebrate with an annual end of session graduation commencement.

School Age

Our school age program offers youngsters a warm, consistent place to relax and have fun both before and after school. Children will be bused to and from local elementary schools to any one of our centers. Our program sizes range from 10 -25 children offering your child a unique opportunity to be recognized by all staff and children. It is our goal to offer personalized care, which emphasizes the importance of each child. We offer a homework lab, next level arts and crafts, outdoor sports, community and social awareness. Older children can participate in our C.I.T. programs. Our programs function as a multi age classroom with children learning from one another in a closely monitored environment that promotes kindness, compassion, and an anti-bullying philosophy. Jack 'n Jill also offers a fun- filled summer program and holiday care programs.